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Our Story

Kaptur's journey began with a clear vision – to provide peace of mind to property stakeholders through innovation and reliability.


The Kaptur Crew: On a Mission to Understand Your Challenges and Deliver Solutions

Meet The Team

A diverse blend of property professionals, experienced inspectors, industry experts, technical brilliance, and yes, some fantastic tea makers! Our collective expertise and passion drive us to provide innovative solutions that cater to your property management needs.

“Our mission is to deliver a no-fuss, reliable property reporting solution, Kaptur ensures accuracy, keeps you compliant, and elevates customer experience, fuelling your growth.”

Nick LyonsFounder CEO
Job Position

Nick Lyons

Nick Lyons, the founder of Kaptur Software and No Letting Go, is a standout figure in the property reporting industry with his sharp business insight and strategic thinking, often visualised on his favourite whiteboard. His role at No Letting Go, the UK’s largest inventory company, has deepened his understanding of the industry. Nick is adept at distilling complex market trends into actionable strategies. His approach to leadership blends expertise, innovation, and a sense of fun. More than just a businessman, he’s a forward-thinker, bringing a dynamic energy and enthusiastic commitment to turning innovative ideas into reality in property management and software development.

Job Position

Nicole Hazel

Nicole Hazell, the spirited Customer Success Manager at Kaptur Software, is a maestro of client satisfaction. With a background at Zero Deposits, she’s perfected the art of turning customer queries into smiles. Her mission? 100% client happiness. Nicole’s approach is a blend of empathetic listening and lightning-fast problem-solving, often leaving clients wondering if she has a sixth sense of customer needs. She’s not just solving issues; she’s crafting experiences, making each interaction feel like a visit to a favourite café. Her motto: “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all,” a philosophy she lives by, one delighted client at a time.

Partnerships Manager

Ben Russell

Ben Russell, the Partnerships and Integration Manager at Kaptur, carries the torch of efficiency like a modern-day tech Hercules. With a past chapter at MRI Software, he’s seasoned in transforming daunting tech mazes into user-friendly pathways. His current crusade? Making every process at Kaptur a one-click wonder. Ben’s mantra is “Efficiency in a click,” a philosophy he practices with evangelical zeal. Known for his infectious enthusiasm and a keyboard he jokingly claims is powered by efficiency elixirs, Ben champions seamless integration like a digital superhero. His mission is to create a streamlined, almost telepathic user experience, making two-click tasks a thing of legend.

Job Position

Demi Limberti

Demi Limberti, the customer support ace at Kaptur Software, is a wizard when it comes to problem-solving. She lives by the philosophy: “No problem left unsolved!” Demi’s clients half-believe she owns a ‘Solve-It’ wand, given her knack for unwinding even the most complex issues. Her approach is part detective work and part enjoyable gossip session, making each interaction effective and engaging. With a blend of sharp insight and a love for a good chat, Demi doesn’t just address problems; she transforms them into showcases of exceptional customer service, leaving every client satisfied and smiling.

Job Position

Jay Kerai

Jay Kerai, the all-knowing customer support and inventory reporting guru at Kaptur Software, is a beacon of solutions and positivity. With years of invaluable experience at No Letting Go, she embodies “been there, solved that.” There isn’t a challenge Jay hasn’t met with her signature smile and a can-do spirit that’s as infectious as it is inspiring. Known for her encyclopedic knowledge and wizard-like problem-solving skills, Jay approaches every query with a blend of expertise and enthusiasm. Her motto: “If there’s a problem, I’ve got a smile and a solution!” Jay doesn’t just fix issues; she brightens days, making her an indispensable part of the Kaptur team.

Training/Support/PA & Office Manager

Debbie Chapman

Debbie Chapman, the Kaptur product coordination maestro, is the Swiss Army knife of the team, having stood by Nick Lyons through more roles and years than she’d willingly count. At No Letting Go and Kaptur, she’s been the go-to for wisdom, organisation, and a history lesson. Her ability to juggle roles with the grace of a seasoned acrobat is legendary. Debbie’s vast experience is only matched by her brilliant organising skills and ever-present, heartwarming smile. She’s not just an employee; she’s an encyclopedia of company lore and the epitome of loveliness. Debbie’s mantra: “Experience guides, organisation binds, and kindness triumphs.”

Marketing Executive

Martina Rubino

Martina Rubino is a Marketing Executive with a straightforward yet effective approach to her work. Her passions span photography, hiking, reading, and PlayStation games, reflecting a well-rounded personality. Driven and organized, Martina is known for her loyalty and her consistently positive and happy outlook on life. A fun fact about her is the playful warning she gives her friends: “it’s only a 20-minute walk” might mean anything from a straightforward stroll to a four-hour adventure. In marketing, Martina lives by a principle that highlights her understanding of the field’s human aspect: “Many companies have forgotten they sell to actual people. Humans care about the entire experience, not just the marketing or sales or service. To really win in the modern age, you must solve for humans.” This belief underpins her approach, blending data-driven strategies with creative solutions to forge connections that matter.

Job Position

Anto Gentile

Anto Gentile, the Argentinian maestro and Project Manager at Kaptur, is the guiding star behind the software’s evolution. She’s nurtured Kaptur from a mere concept to the powerhouse it is today, herding software development teams with the patience of a saint and the skill of a master conductor. Anto’s passion for Kaptur is as fiery as her heritage, often working tirelessly to ensure the product shines for every user. Known for her fabulous personality and an unwavering dedication to excellence, she makes project management seem like an art form. Her motto: “With passion and patience, we craft perfection.” Anto isn’t just managing projects; she’s orchestrating a software symphony.

Kaptur’s Journey: Becoming a Property Reporting Powerhouse

Kaptur’s inception traces back to a pivotal challenge faced by our largest client, No Letting Go.

They needed a more efficient method for collecting on-site data, seamlessly transmitting information, and generating professional, accurate, and reliable reports to provide evidence — the growing need for imagery added to the complexity. Our journey began with the humble dictaphone and camera, complemented by offshore typing teams. As smartphones became widespread, we harnessed their potential to streamline data collection and automation, simplifying user processes. Today, we stand as an industry-leading software solution born out of the needs of an industry-leading company. In response to client demand, Kaptur evolved to cater to in-house use, solidifying our position in the property management landscape.

Our Values


We believe in delivering unwavering quality every time.



Trust is our foundation; we commit to dependable solutions.



We take ownership of our actions, ensuring transparency and responsibility.



Together, we achieve more; collaboration fuels our success.