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A Powerful Toolset

Explore our lineup of features designed to simplify property management, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and ease of operation.

Discover our suite of cutting-edge features

Kaptur has been designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. At Kaptur, we understand the challenges of property professionals, and that's why we've crafted a solution that empowers you to grow your business, reduce operational costs, and gain the peace of mind you deserve. Explore our feature-rich platform and discover how Kaptur can be your trusted partner in property management success.

Web Features

Welcome to Kaptur’s web features, where innovation meets efficiency to transform property management. Our powerful toolkit equips property professionals with real-time insights, streamlined scheduling, editable branded reports, and more. Discover how Kaptur’s web features simplify property management and elevate your capabilities to a new level.

Live User-Specific Dashboard:

Provides real-time insights tailored to individual users, enhancing visibility and control.

Job and Clerk/Inspector Scheduling:

Efficiently manages scheduling to streamline workflow and ensure timely property assessments.

High-Res Photo Gallery:

Comprehensive visual documentation for accurate property assessments and record-keeping.

Receive Automated Report Updates:

Stay informed with automated updates via email, SMS, or push notifications, ensuring prompt access to critical information.

Editable and Custom Branded Reports:

Create and customise reports with your brand identity, maintaining a professional and consistent appearance.

Lifetime Storage of Reports:

Securely store historical property reports for reference and compliance.

Unlimited Users:

Scalability with unlimited user access for comprehensive team collaboration and flexibility across unlimited portfolios.

Team Management:

Team diaries and messaging facilitate efficient communication and coordination among property management teams.

Mobile Features

Welcome to Kaptur’s Mobile Features, where property management meets mobility. Our suite of mobile tools empowers property professionals with on-site signature capture, offline capability, secure cloud storage, and much more. Whether conducting inspections, recording property details with voice dictation, or accessing data on the go, Kaptur’s Mobile Features provide the flexibility and efficiency you need for seamless property management in the digital age.

On-Site Signature Capture:

Easily capture signatures directly on your mobile device for efficient property assessments.

Offline Capability:

Ensure seamless functionality even without an internet connection, ideal for remote property inspections.

Cloud-Based Secure Storage:

Safely store property data in the cloud, accessible from anywhere, ensuring data integrity and compliance.

iOS and Android Compatibility:

Works seamlessly on both major mobile platforms, offering universal accessibility.

Voice Dictation Recording:

Effortlessly record property details and observations using voice dictation, saving time and enhancing accuracy.

Predictive Text:

Speed up data entry with predictive text suggestions, reducing typing effort.

Rapid-Fire Camera:

Quickly capture multiple property images using a rapid-fire camera feature.

Customisable Quick-Text Dictionary:

Simplify communication with predefined text snippets for common property descriptions and comments.

Report Features

Welcome to Kaptur’s Report Features, designed to cater to the unique needs of property professionals. Our rich suite of features allows you to craft custom reports, maintain a consistent brand image, and securely store property data for a lifetime. With over 100 pre-built report types and an easy-to-read design, conveying property information has never been more efficient. Sharing reports is a breeze; our digital signature functionality streamlines the approval process. Explore how Kaptur’s Report Features can improve your property management experience, delivering professionalism and efficiency in every report you create.

Customisable Reports:

Tailor reports to meet your specific needs, ensuring they convey the precise information you require.

Custom & Branded Reports:

Create reports that reflect your brand identity, maintaining a professional and consistent appearance.

Lifetime Storage of Reports:

Securely archive historical property reports for reference and compliance, accessible whenever needed.

Bespoke Template Builder:

Design custom report templates to align with your unique property management requirements.

Over 100 Pre-built Report Types:

Choose from a wide range of pre-designed report templates to streamline property assessments.

Easy-to-Read Design:

Present property data in a clear and comprehensible format, enhancing readability for clients and stakeholders.

Easy Sharing:

Quickly share reports with team members, clients, and relevant parties to facilitate effective communication.

Digital Signatures:

Streamline the approval process by capturing digital signatures, ensuring efficient and secure document verification.


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