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Created by property people for property people: Transforming input to insight, and insight to action with Kaptur.

What is Kaptur? Your bridge to effortless property management, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Step into a world with Kaptur, where property management meets simplicity and reliability. Created by property people for property people, Kaptur is your tool for easy, accurate, and compliant property solutions. Our platform takes you from input to insight, and from insight to action, helping your business grow. With features like live dashboards, customisable reports, and access to a wide network of approved clerks and inspectors through Konnect, we make managing properties a hassle-free experience for you and your team. Our strapline, "Input, Insight, Action," captures the straightforward journey Kaptur offers for better decision-making and satisfying client relationships.

Input, Insight, Action

Our commitment to “Input, Insight, Action” underscores Kaptur’s seamless workflow. It’s tailored for quick and efficient property visits, enabling effortless data collection. This streamlined process allows swift actions based on accurate insights, minimising the time spent on-site while maximising operational effectiveness and client satisfaction.

By property people for property people

Kaptur was conceived as a dedicated solution for No Letting Go, a trusted inventory management company, aiding its transformation into an industry leader. By addressing the unique challenges of inventory management, Kaptur offered a robust framework and intuitive tools for streamlined operations and enhanced service delivery, expanding No Letting Go’s market reach and reputation. The synergy between Kaptur’s innovative features and No Letting Go’s expertise illustrated how tailored technology can fuel organisational growth and leadership in a competitive domain.

Kaptur is loaded with the features you need

“Having high quality and reliable evidence, is becoming more and more important as part of a landlord’s preparation for letting their property.”

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Konnect is your gateway to a network of over 400+ approved clerks and inspectors across the UK, offering the flexibility to outsource tasks as needed, facilitating seamless scaling and operational efficiency in managing your property inventory.

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