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Discover everything you need to know with our comprehensive FAQs.

Got Questions? We Have Answers.

Welcome to our FAQ page, where we provide answers to the most common queries about Kaptur. Whether you're a property professional or a landlord, we're here to address your concerns and help you make the most of our solutions. If you can't find the information you need here, feel free to get in touch with our dedicated support team, and we'll be happy to assist you further.

General FAQ

How does Kaptur streamline property data collection?

Kaptur streamlines property data collection with a fast, simple mobile solution and a user-friendly interface.

What makes Kaptur’s user interface intuitive?

Kaptur’s user interface is intuitive due to its easy navigation, configurable input forms, and seamless integration with existing systems.

How can Konnect in Kaptur help scale my business?

Konnect in Kaptur provides access to a network of over 400+ approved clerks and inspectors across the UK, facilitating business scalability through combined resources.

How does Kaptur ensure industry compliance?

Kaptur ensures industry compliance by seamlessly integrating the latest legislation, safeguarding you against non-compliance risks.

What support and training does Kaptur offer?

Kaptur offers comprehensive support and training resources, including a quick and easy onboarding process, a dedicated account manager, and live customer support.

Landlords FAQ

How Can Kaptur Help Me with My Property?

Kaptur is here to simplify your property management. With our easy-to-use mobile app and web platform, you can efficiently collect property information, create professional reports, and easily stay compliant.

What Features Does Kaptur Offer for My Property?

Kaptur offers a suite of features to make managing your property a breeze. From customisable reports to digital signatures and lifetime reports storage, you have the tools to keep your property in top shape.

What is Konnect?

Konnect connects you to a network of over 400+ approved clerks and inspectors across the UK. It allows you to outsource tasks as needed, ensuring your property is well-maintained and compliant, all while you focus on what matters most.

How Does Kaptur Help Ensure My Property’s Compliance?

Kaptur is committed to keeping your property compliant with industry regulations. We provide features like safety asset tests, fire alarm checks, and smoke/CO alarm assessments to help you meet legal requirements and ensure your property is safe for tenants. With Kaptur, you can rest assured that your property remains compliant, reducing risks and potential legal issues.

Why Choose Kaptur for My Property?

Kaptur is the go-to solution for landlords because we understand your property’s unique needs. We offer reliability, accountability, and a user-friendly experience. Our team of property professionals is dedicated to helping you protect and enhance your property investment, giving you peace of mind.

How does Kaptur help me save money?

Avoid Costly Disputes. Using Kaptur reporting, you can proactively prevent disputes at the beginning of a tenancy. This approach allows you to avoid costly misunderstandings and lack of information that might otherwise lead to disputes, saving you money from potential legal interventions or compensation later in the tenancy.

Property Professionals FAQ

What does CRM mean?

CRM stands for Content Relationship Management. Using a CRM platform gives everyone involved in your business a way to manage customer interactions to increase growth.

Is it really free to start?

Yes! You can opt to stay within the free tier for as long as you want to. It’s a great way to get a feel for the platform before deciding to upgrade to take advantage of the more advanced features.

Can I import data?

Yes! Getting your existing data in is easy. Simply export your existing customers to a .csv file and import them within a couple of clicks.

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